Catholic Patron Saints

Veneration is a term that describes recognizing and honoring Saints. Many people are familiar with the concept of Catholic Patron Saints. These are specific religious figures who are associated with specific topics, such as occupations or nations. For example, St. Michael is associated with police officers and St. Mary Magdalene with sinners. Many people feel a special association with a certain patron saint.

What many people do not realize is that Saints are by no means exclusive to the Catholic Church. Although many people instantly think of Roman Catholic Saints, other denominations also have Saints. On our site you will find a list of both popular Catholic and Coptic Saints as well as a list of Patron Saints organized by topic.

Beyond Roman Catholic Saints

At When Saints Intercede, we are collecting stories from people who have prayed to Saints and received the benefits of Saints intercession. We are interested in stories from any denomination, including Coptic and Roman Catholic Saints. We are interested in stories involving any Saint. Our goal is to publish a book that shares these amazing stories with the world.

Instead of focusing on any single Saint, or even common Catholic Patron Saints, we hope to put together a wide selection of experiences involving many different Saints. It is also our hope to collect stories from a wide variety of people. In the end, our readers will be able to see that miracles still do happen, even in the modern world, and that they are not necessarily huge, Earth shaking events. In fact, many examples of intercession are extremely personal. Our book will help people understand that Saints are willing to help the faithful.

Please take a few minutes to send us a letter and share your story. We have a special page set up so you will not have to email or mail us. You can quickly tell us your story and then we can share it with the world.