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Statue of St. Therese

By faith and the intercession of the saints, my prayers were answered. I was motivated to share my stories and would like to hear yours. In the near future, I will be publishing a book that is a collections of testimonials and thanksgiving to the saints that have come to our aid.

I have created this website so that people can share their experiences on how the saints have interceded in their lives.

Several years ago, I was going through some troubled times. I did not know where to turn. One day my Aunt came to visit and she suggested that I ask St. Therese to help. We looked in the phone book and found a St. Therese Church. I called the church and they told me they had a service that same evening. We decided to attend the service, but upon arrival we learned it had been cancelled and the church locked.

I explained that we had driven close to an hour to attend the service and asked if we could just go inside the church and say a prayer. They agreed and told us we could stay as long as we liked. We prayed in the church for about an hour then left. That was the last I heard of St. I thought.  A month later, I took a trip to my native country Egypt. As a youth in the Coptic Orthodox Church, I grew up believing in the Intercessions of the Saints. Each of the churches and monasteries in the Orthodox faith are named after a Saint. I went to visit many different churches and monasteries all over the country. Each time I would visit a church, I would ask the Patron Saint of that church to intercede for me and ask the Lord to hear my prayer. I kept praying and praying every where I went with no results. At the last church I visited, I became quite frustrated and asked for one Saint and one Saint only to help me out,,,,Which one was it going to be? A few hours later, we were in the vicinity of where my mothers nanny lived and we decided to stop and visit her. She lives in a small poverty stricken village in Egypt. As we were leaving, her nanny said I have a a gift for you. She gave me a gold medallion of St. Therese. I knew then that St. Therese was going to help me and become my Patron Saint.

After returning to the states, I was looking for a new career. Like many of us, I was stuck in a job where I would go into the office, sit on my computer for 8 hours and then go home. Travel is my passion and I longed to travel all over the world. I put in for a flight attendant position at a major airline. One day I was sitting at my desk and decided to say a prayer to St. Therese and asked her to intercede for me.

St. Therese promised that after she died, her work would begin. She said she “Will Let Fall From Heaven A Shower Of Roses.” Roses are a message from her letting you know she has heard your prayer and will intercede for you. I asked her to somehow bring me a rose to let me know that I would work for this airline. About an hour went by, and the secretary in our department came into my office and handed me a rose. I went in shock…I couldn’t believe it! I asked her why she gave me a rose. She told me that she was sitting in her garden and saw the rose. She immediately thought of me and decided to bring it to the office for me.

A few weeks later, I put in for a position as a flight attendant and got an interview. While waiting at the airport for my connecting flight back home, I was reading a book on St. Therese. A man approached me and told me how he had just learned about St. Therese. He couldn’t believe I was sitting there right in front of him reading a book on her. He gave me a prayer card of St. Therese and shared his experiences with me. I didn't get the job as a flight attendant, but rather took a job at the airport. I worked for this airline for over 15 years and have held numerous positions which allowed me to travel to many places all over the world. My prayer was answered in God’s time, through the intercession of my Patron Saint -St. Therese.

Now I want to hear your stories. Please share your experiences and tell us what happens, “When The Saints Intercede.” We would love to know if you have a Patron Saint. How often do you ask your Saint for assistance? Do you have a specific prayer that was answered? Would you like to offer your thanks to a specific Saint for the countless acts they have performed on your behalf? If,so, please fill out our online questionnaire. We would love to hear your story.

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