The Most Inspirational Short Stories

Everyone occasionally needs to remind themselves of the amazing power of prayer and faith. Inspirational Christian stories help people remember that they are never truly alone. Of course, the most effective stories are always true. When we can read real stories of the value of prayer, they are even more inspirational because they are testimonials to the power of faith.

At When Saints Intercede, we are collecting the experiences of people just like you. It is our goal to publish a collection of inspirational short stories of Saintly intercession so that your story may serve as an inspiration to others. Think of the further good the intercession could do if others were to hear it as well. Do not keep these stories to yourself; the gift you received can be shared with others to inspire them in their darkest hours.

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Christian Stories of Saintly Intercession

Although many people equate Saints with the Catholic Church, many denominations believe in the power of Saints. Members of both the Coptic and Eastern Orthodox Church, for example, believe that Saints intercede for us when we pray to them. We are interested in inspirational short stories of prayer to any of the Saints by Christians of all denominations.

Sharing your personal story is very easy. There is an online form that allows you to connect with us and submit your experience. It will only take you a few minutes to record your personal narrative and it could benefit others for many years. You do not need to worry about spelling or grammar. If your story is selected, we will correct your letter to us if necessary. It is our hope that our collection of Christian stories will inspire more people.

Help us by sharing your personal story. Allow others to rejoice and take strength in your true story of Saintly intercession by submitting your story today. It will only take you a few minutes but it could help many, many people.