Saints, Miracles and Prayer

Many Christian denominations believe in Saints. In the teachings of these churches Saints, miracles and intercession (the process of praying for a Saint to approach God on your behalf) are all connected. At you will find information on Saints as well as a way to report your personal story of intercession. Whether you are interested in finding more about the miracles of Saints and their lives or miracle stories of Saintly assistance, we have information you will be interested in reading.

Ultimately, our goal is to publish an inspirational book. It features many miracles from Saints without concentrating on a specific Saint. We hope you will share your personal story of intercession with us. It is our hope to inspire others with these amazing stories.

Miracles of Saints

Our site is more than just a place to gather stories of intercession. is a great source of information about Saints. Miracles are found in all of their stories. We have a list of many of the most popular Coptic and Catholic Saints. Each is a link to more information, including stories concerning the miracles of Saints. We also have a long list of topics and the patron Saint associated with each. If you are interested in determining which Saint you may connect with or in learning more about a Saint, we can help you.

Miracles from Saints

The main purpose of our site is to collect your personal experiences of intercession. You will find the story of our founder. It is our hope that by collecting our true stories of miracles from Saints, we can inspire others.

Sharing your story is incredibly easy. We have a special page set up that allows you to send a short letter, similar to an email, directly to us. You do not need to worry about writing a masterpiece; we have found that these inspirational short stories do not need fancy words. We will even proofread your letter for you if we use it. The important thing is taking a moment to share your story with others so that it continues to bring hope and joy to your fellow man.

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