The Prayer to Saints was started after a prayer to St. Therese that helped change the founder's life. These prayers are fairly common and create positive results. From Roman Catholicism to the Coptic religion, people venerate the Saints and pray for intercession. We hope to collect these stories and share them with others.

When people offer prayer to Saints, the idea is that the Saint is in a position to pray on their behalf. Although closer to God, the Saint was once a human being on Earth and this makes them the perfect intermediary. This practice is much more common than people realize.

When Saints Intercede is interested in stories from all denominations involving many different Saints. Eventually, we hope to publish a book full of these inspirational stories. In it, you will not merely find Catholic Saints names but also Coptic figures and believers from many Churches. It will be a testament to the power of intercession and not directed to any specific dogma.

Catholic Saints Names

Many associate the idea of Sainthood with the Catholic Church. Although the Catholic Saints names may be the most familiar, they are not the only source of Sainthood. It is our goal to represent many different faiths within the Christian brotherhood. Our hope is to print a collection of stories about prayer to Saints that will be accessible to everyone. We invite you to share your stories with us and our readers.

Coptic Religion and More

Several different Churches canonize religious figures. For example, the Coptic religion has its own list of Saints. The Greek Orthodox Church does as well. Of course, many of these lists overlap and you will find several of the most well known Roman Catholic Saints, such as Joseph or The Virign Mary, venerated in many denominations.

We hope to collect stories of intercession from many different people of many different faiths. Please take a moment to learn more about us and share your personal story with our readers. Your letter will serve as a beacon of hope and source of comfort to many others.