Power of Prayer to Saints

At When Saints Intercede, we are collecting your stories about the assistance you and your family have received from Saints. We know that prayer to Saints can result in appeals to the Lord on your behalf. In fact, a personal story of intercession led to the formation of When Saints Intercede. After a prayer to St. Therese, the life of our founder was changed. This happens every day, although many people do not realize that Saints can and will intercede on your behalf.

Our goal is to collect modern stories of Saints interceding for normal people. We plan to publish them in a book that will serve as an inspiration to everyone who reads it. It will show people that there is real power in faith and prayer and that intercession is real. We are interested in stories concerning any Saint. Please share your story so that it may serve others, giving them hope and comfort during their dark times.

More information:

Prayer to St. Therese

As mentioned, When Saints Intercede was started after a powerful personal experience. You can read the story of the prayer to St. Therese and its result on the website. You will also find links to more information about many of the most popular Coptic and Catholic Saints. We have also included a list of Patron Saints, organized by topic. You can use this list to see which Saint is connected with your occupation or circumstance.

If you have a personal experience with prayer to Saints, we hope you will share it with us. We can help you share your story with the world. Not only can it serve as an inspiration to others by sharing it, you also get an opportunity to thank the Saint for their intercession. We are interested in stories from people of all denominations and walks of life. When Saints Intercede is also interested in stories involving any Saint.

Please take a few minutes of your time to type out your story. You can easily send it to us via our online contact page. Please do not be embarrassed or concerned about writing. Your heartfelt story is what we are interested in hearing, not incredible prose.