Do Religious Miracles Still Occur?

Unfortunately, many people believe that there are no longer miracles. Many of us know better. Every single day, the faithful offer prayers. Miracle results do occur in response. When Saints Intercede is collecting stories from people just like you who have had Saints intercede on their behalf. Our goal is to publish a book of these experiences. This book, we hope, will:

  • Inspire the faithful
  • Spread the message of Christianity
  • Allow people to express their gratitude to Saints

We feel that modern, true stories of religious miracles through the intercession of Saints will touch many lives. Our book will help people understand that wonderful things are happening every single day to people just like them. Please help us by sharing your inspirational short stories. We are interested in all types of stories, whether they seem grand and miraculous or are simply personal stories of comfort received when Saints intercede.

Real Prayers, Miracle Results

If a Saint has interceded for you then you know the good that can come from prayer and the veneration of Saints. However, the good can continue to spread when you share your experience with others. True stories of prayers, miracle results (both large and small) and faith from normal people can show others that there is a place for faith in the modern world. Too many people do not understand the veneration of Saints. Others think that there are no religious miracles in today's high tech society. The goal of When Saints Intercede is to publish a book that will allow these people to read the many inspiring stories that are not being heard. If you have received the help of a Saint when you have prayed to God, please tell us so we can share it with others. It will only take a few minutes for you to tell us of your experiences when you use our convenient online contact form.

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