Prayer to St. Mary

Many denominations venerate, and honor, Saints. There is a belief in intercession, which is what happens when a Saint is prayed to for assistance and they then appeal to the Lord. Many people turn to a specific Patron Saint who is connected to a certain type of assistance. Prayers to St. Jude, for example, often involve seemingly impossible tasks because he is the Patron Saint of desperate causes.

St. Mary, the Blessed Virgin is the Mother, of God, wife of St. Joseph, and the greatest of all Christian saints. St. Mary has become a symbol of all good things, in order that everyone may know that through her every hope and every grace is obtained. A prayer to St. Mary could involve anything, of course, but often are associated with comfort and grace. Many people report that St. Mary has interceded for them. This is the type of story we are collecting at When Saints Intercede so we may share these true stories with the world.

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Prayers to St. Jude

When it seems that all is lost, people turn to St. Jude. As the Patron Saint of desperate causes, prayers to St. Jude for intercession involve a huge range of situations. The common thread is that often these appeals are the very last hope. When these prayers are answered, they make some of the most powerful stories of the power of faith and prayer.

We are very interested in collecting this type of story. Whether a prayer to St. Mary, St. Jude or another Saint, we believe that your story can continue to do good when you share it with us.