The Intercession of Saints

A Saint is a person who has been canonized by the Church. They are people of exceptional faith who have miracles associated with their lives. Saints are said to be venerated, or honored. People do often pray to Saints. Intercession is what they are hoping to achieve.

Intercession is a term describing Saints adding their voice to that of those praying to them. Because a Saint was once a human being, it is thought by many that they are more accessible to those of us on Earth.

Many erroneously believe that the intercession of Saints to be a purely Catholic convention. Many denominations recognize Sainthood. In fact, some non-Christian groups even recognize Saints! A few Saints recognized by many denominations include:

  • Mary, mother of Jesus
  • Joseph, Mary's husband
  • The Apostles
  • Mary Magdalene

People of many denominations turn to a Saint when they pray. At When Saints Intercede, we are collecting stories of these prayers.

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Stories of Saints Intercession

We have set up When Saints Intercede to collect stories from every day people. We are not concentrating on any specific Saints. Intercession is our main focus. If you have a story about any Saint we would like to hear it.

Ultimately we hope to publish the accounts we receive. There are many purposes for this. First of all, it allows many people to read these stories of intercession of Saints. We honestly believe that these stories will help inspire faith and hope in others, particularly those who may feel like miracles are only something that happens in the Bible. Another purpose is to give those who have benefited from intercession an opportunity to show their thanks.

Please help us share these amazing stories of the intercession of Saints; take a moment to write out your story for us today. Others are waiting to read your tales of faith.