Miracles of Faith Really Happen!

There are many people that do not believe in miracles. Even many faithful Christians think that miracles are rare, or even non-existent, in the modern world. However, many of us know that there are miracles of faith. Many of us have prayed for a Saint to intercede for us and received the answer to our prayers.

Miracles From Saints

Miracles from Saints can and do occur. When we pray for the assistance of a Saint, they can petition the Lord on our behalf. This is called intercession. There are many people that have learned that praying for the help of Saints works. We hope you will share miracle stories with us.

Saints are venerated by many denominations, including the Coptic, Catholic and many other churches. Many people have a specific Saint that they believe looks over them. This is often called a Patron Saint. Often it is believed that a Saint is connected to a certain livelihood or activity because of their life story. We have included a list of common Patron Saints for you convenience on our website, as well as links to information about many Coptic and Catholic Saints. However, the real purpose of our site is to gather your stories of intercession.

Share Miracle Stories

At WhenSaintsIntercede.com, we gather your personal stories. We hope to collect and publish these true miracles of faith stories. We feel that many people will be able to find strength, inspiration and hope when they read these stories. In this way, the good that came for your personal intercession will continue to spread and touch many other lives.

We make it easy to share miracle stories with others. You can write your story and send it to us through the website. You do not need to worry about writing anything fancy. We are simply interested in true stories told in a plain, but heartfelt, manner. The beauty of these stories is enough.

WhenSaintsIntercede.com is interested in stories concerning all of the Saints and from people of all denominations. We hope that you will share your story of miracles from saints with us so that we may share it with the world.