Collecting Powerful Spiritual Stories

When Saints Intercede was founded specifically to collect the stories of intercession by Saints for people. We would like to share miracle stories with the world. It is our belief that many readers will benefit from these inspiring accounts. Not only will those who already believe perhaps find the strength and the faith they need in desperate times but we also feel that many people who would not describe themselves as particularly religious may be inspired to trust in the Lord.

There are many spiritual stories. They can be found in the Bible, in a number of novels and even in movies. However, we believe that true modern experiences from every day people like you will be the most meaningful for many readers. It is reassuring to know that the Saints are interceding for those in need on a daily basis. Please share your story with us. It is easy to do and it could affect many people who you would otherwise never be able to touch.

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Share Miracle Stories

Do you have an inspirational short story involving a prayer to a Saint to intercede on your behalf? We would love to collect these spiritual stories and share them with others. You can quickly and easily tell us of your experiences through the online contact form found on this site.

It only takes a few minutes to share miracle stories with us. You need not worry about perfect grammar or spelling. If we decide to include your story, we will proofread it for you before publishing. We are interested in any story about the positive results of prayers for intercession and not just stories concerning any one particular Saint. Our goal is to publish a book that will include inspirational stories involving a number of Saints. We hope that you will allow us to share your story.